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Ginger for Menstrual Cramps

Do you have painful menstrual cycles? Or struggle from hormonal imbalances like PCOS that contribute to terrible periods? Maybe you find yourself reaching for the pain meds and hot pack every month….like clockwork. Ever try ginger for menstrual cramps?  If not, keep reading. But first, let’s start with why you might even be experiencing these

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Should You Eat Soy if You Have PCOS?

Let’s talk about the consumption of soy and how it impacts women and PCOS. For starters, soybean originated in China. It has been harvested there for 5,000 years. It eventually made its way to the states in the 19th century.  And, since the 1940’s soybean has been an incredibly important crop for the American economy. 

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Bread… Should I Eat It?

Bread – when you hear this word, see it or smell it – what kind of emotions do you experience? Oftentimes, bread turns into the devil, over years of dieting and trying to lose weight… only to become your secret late night lover. Unable to totally stay away.  Bread and carbs in general, often get

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