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The PCOS and Thyroid Connection

The Connection  Understanding the root cause of what the heck is going on in your body is key! Are you totally lost when it comes to why you keep gaining weight? Why you can’t get pregnant? Or why you are always tired and feel twice your age? Thyroid conditions and PCOS are two of the

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Stop Making New Year’s Resolutions

Stop making new year’s resolutions.  Is this totally opposite of what you’ve ever heard?  Here is some logic behind it.  Setting a new year’s resolution can be exciting, motivating .. you have the perfect plan.  Then it all falls apart a few weeks in. Maybe you feel bad about yourself, feel defeated. Get stuck into

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Ginger for Menstrual Cramps

Do you have painful menstrual cycles? Or struggle from hormonal imbalances like PCOS that contribute to terrible periods? Maybe you find yourself reaching for the pain meds and hot pack every month….like clockwork. Ever try ginger for menstrual cramps?  If not, keep reading. But first, let’s start with why you might even be experiencing these

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