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Bread… Should I Eat It?

Bread – when you hear this word, see it or smell it – what kind of emotions do you experience? Oftentimes, bread turns into the devil, over years of dieting and trying to lose weight… only to become your secret late night lover. Unable to totally stay away. 

Bread and carbs in general, often get a bad rap. Since these foods turn quickly into sugar in the body and end up packing on the pounds (especially belly fat), it truly becomes a love hate relationship. 

However, carbs are really not terrible for you. In fact as women, we need carbs. The type of carbs definitely matter though. We will get more into that. 

But – let’s talk bread. When you go “on a diet” do you feel like you’re missing out on life having to avoid bread all together? 

Now – I don’t typically suggest incorporating bread for success BUT I do believe that fear around food can have a negative impact on long term success. SO let’s debunk the bread issues and provide you with easy to use tools for your weight loss & hormone balance!

The reason bread is often eliminated when trying to lose weight or create hormonal balance is because how it spikes the blood sugar and insulin levels. In order for a female to lose weight or manage PCOS, it’s important that the blood sugar and insulin levels are balanced.

Optimize Your Carb Consumption

  • Rye sourdough bread: Rye sourdough bread has a better impact on insulin levels than wheat bread. In addition, sourdough – a fermented bread can have a positive impact on the gut microbiome. Obese women and PCOS individuals tend to have an imbalance in the microbiome. 
  • Organic: a known endocrine disrupter, glyphosate is a pesticide that is commonly found in wheat products. Aim for higher quality with an organic label or heirloom variety. 
  • Pair with protein: When you’re eating bread, don’t go for the plain toast approach. Always pair with a source of protein for better blood sugar regulation. You should also be filling up on the protein and veggies, while the bread is a compliment to the meal.
  • The food order: When possible, eat the bread last. Studies show that eating protein & veggies for the first part of the meal help with balancing blood sugar and insulin levels.

Carbs to Regularly Enjoy

Now, many other complex carbs actually provide your body with nourishment like vitamins, minerals and fiber.  Bread – on occasion, in moderation may be okay, but you’re not necessarily going to get all these amazing micronutrients. Daily servings of complex carbs provide you with the energy you need without spiking the blood sugar or packing on the pounds. Typically 2, ½ cup servings daily with a meal work well. 

Examples of complex carbs: 

  • Legumes & beans
  • Quinoa
  • Winter squash, beets, carrots and potatoes 
  • Seasonal fruits

And finally: 

You might experience celiac disease, thyroid dysfunction or gluten sensitivity or you might just pass on the bread. I am not writing this to force bread upon you (always take your personal medical history into consideration). But I do want to shed some light on the subject. All too often, I hear about how many of the modern day food fads negatively impact our mind around different foods or food groups. I hope these gave you some food freedom and confidence to find a lifestyle approach that works for you in regard to weight loss and managing pcos!

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