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Nutrition Counseling & Health Coaching

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Individual Nourishment Program

The Nourishment Program is an individualized total body transformation program to help women manage their PCOS and reduce symptoms, promote weight loss and achieve hormonal balance. 

The Program includes many components that are essential to healing your body from the inside out. Sessions may include nutrition counseling, holistic health coaching, functional medicine lab testing, personalized meal plans and supplement recommendations (when appropriate). Clients are also provided with unlimited access to Eleni between appointments through a personal phone app to ask questions, gain support, log information and access personalized summary sheets and other education documents.

Most importantly, you are provided with accountability, compassion and on-going support throughout the process to reach your desired health goals.

Structure: The healing process can vary for each person, so in taking an individualized approach- the Nourishment Program is offered for different lengths of time and may vary outside of these suggested time frames as well. As you consider embarking on this program, keep in mind that learning new ways of nourishing your body and incorporating new self-care habits into your life takes time.  After all you did not get where you are now overnight or in 30 days!   Please take this into consideration.

  • Starter Program: 4-6 weeks
  • Signature Nourishment Program: 3-4 months

For more information about finding out what individualized program works best for you, be sure schedule your complimentary meet and 

greet call right below!


After completing an individualized program, there are options for continued support! This ranges from an all women's group coaching call to individual sessions. Detailed information on maintenance can be discussed during your meet and greet call or once you've signed up for your program. 

All sessions within the Nourishment Program are conducted via a HIPAA compliant virtual platform to allow convenient care for the patient.